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Lawn Care in Six Stages, for Six Times the Effectiveness

Lawn care is not isolated in just one aspect. It involves a large spectrum of tasks that culminate in an amazingly bright and healthy green expanse. Just like a yard needs all the pieces to look good, it needs to have a strong foundation followed by maintenance throughout the year.

What will Atkins Building Services at provide? The secret to their success may potentially rest in the fertilization. The fertilization is a constant battle, and is not just a task that is done once a year to help create a healthy landscape. The best yards were made that way because of fertilization about twice a season.

Fertilization Schedule

The fertilization will retain an unchanging coat for the entirety of the landscape. The standard program will actually consist of six yearly applications. Without these applications, the landscape will only be maintained. It will not grow and prosper. In some ways, a single application will just retain the status quo without evolving and expanding the yard. The benefits for a six-year scheduling go beyond just the coloration.

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Lush Landscaping

The grass itself will become very thick and textured. The thickness of the grass will be a deterrent for weed growth on the surface. it will also require more roots, creating a denser and thicker environment underneath the soil. The health of that system can promote insects, worms, and other critters that can benefit the landscape tremendously.

Root Density

When fertilization is added at Atkins Inc, it brings deeper and richer roots. The new grass often grows on top of the old grass. The root system becomes more complex and more resilient to an infestation of some kind. It also helps from recovery if there is any seasonal issue that kills off portions of the yard.

Minimizing Weeds

Weeds need space for their roots. Fortunately, a dense root system can fulfill the spaces where weeds may potentially grow. Theoretically, a root system for grass could cover every square millimeter of the landscape. If that is the case, it would be impossible for weeds to grow.

Fertilization six-times a year will create an incredibly powerful and dynamic environment for the grass and the yard- and the critters that call it home. Garden and landscape enthusiasts can see more at Atkins Inc Lawn Matenenance. The website is a resource for all things involved in quality gardening. The effects of consistent and periodic fertilization can save money and sustain that lush and gorgeous yard.